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Selong Belanak, Lombok

Lombok is an island of a similar size to Bali but currently with a smaller population by comparison. The main income is provided through tourism and agriculture (mainly through rice and tobacco). Selong Belanak is in the southern part of the island about a half hour drive from Kuta and also only a half hour drive from the Lombok International airport.

The island of Lombok has a predominantly Muslim population. The local people of Lombok are generally known as Sasak and make up approximately 85% of Lombok’s population. The local Sasak language is closely related to the languages of nearby Bali, Java and Sumbawa. The local Lombok population observe Islamic religious practices, including fasting during the month of Ramadan. Other religions, particularly Hinduism and Buddhism coexist peacefully alongside the local Muslim population and there are a variety of temples, mosques and churches to visit, as well as sacred Sasak sites, pre-dating any of these religions.

We ask that you to please show consideration for our cultural differences. Whilst wearing a bikini and swimming trunks are acceptable at the beach and around the pool, please wear appropriate clothing, such as a sarong or t-shirt and shorts in the Laut Biru Bar and Restaurant and whilst you are walking around the Sempiak Villas vicinity.

Whilst the most widely spoken language on Lombok island is Sasak, most locals also speak Indonesian which is the language spoken all over the country of Indonesia. Modern day Lombok has children learning Indonesian in school but there are still older local people who are only able to speak Sasak.

Lombok – Things To Do

Selong Belanak is a very picturesque and restful place. It is an area where you can completely unwind. Currently there are no beach sellers to hassle you about buying a sarong or bracelet so you can comfortably go for a walk along the beach stress-free. You can read your book on the beach, hire a board or boogie for a surf in the waves or just have a massage and then sit and watch the world go by.

There are local fishing boats further along the beach that can take you out for a ride or to do some fishing. We suggest you exercise caution when deciding whether to go out on a boat because they are basic with no safety equipment on board. Otherwise, Sempiak Villas has cars with drivers that can take you to other places of interest, as per the tours below.


Lombok Cultural Tour 1

Take a trip into another world. Visit Sukarara Hand Weaving Village where there are numerous textiles, batiks and wooden handicrafts to choose from or you can have a go at hand weaving yourself. Then wander around the religious harmony of Lingsar Temple which is famous for being a place of worship for both Muslim’s and Hindu’s. Built in 1714, it is one of the holiest places in Lombok. Finally, spend some relaxing time at Narmada Park which is said to represent Lombok’s 3726m high mountain, Mt Rinjani (the second highest volcano in Indonesia). There is a beautiful temple at the top, followed further down by a lake and some natural springs for a dip and finally a beautiful park.

Lombok Cultural Tour 2

Take a stroll through Lombok culture with a tour of the art, craft and life of the Sasak people. Sengkol Sasak Village gives you an insight into the traditional way of life of the local inhabitants where the close-knit community lives in thatched, curved roof huts. Visit Sukarara Hand Weaving Village where there are numerous textiles, batiks and wooden handicrafts to choose from or you can have a go at hand weaving yourself. The final stop is at Banyumulek Pottery Village where you can see all colours, shapes and sizes of Lombok’s famous pottery being made and sold—a great souvenir to take home.

Lombok Shop Tour

Do some beach hopping with a drive to Tanjung Aan Bay where you can surf on the right-hander wave, or just take a dip in the cool, blue waves. Take some time in Kuta to drive along the sea-front before browsing through the curio shops for souvenirs or any surf related purchases. If you have been to Kuta before, it has certainly changed in recent times with more shops, cafe’s and warungs. To rest after shopping, stop off at Ashtari’s restaurant to sample either local or international cuisine whilst perusing the view over Kuta. Chill out on the bean bags on the balcony or sit at the giant corner couches to eat and relax before finally returning to Sempiak Villas.